2018 Mustang GT Convertible – Performance and Summertime Fun in One

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The 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible is perfect for warm, summer days. You know, the ones that are long gone in the rearview mirror now that winter is here. Don’t worry, summer will come back eventually and when the snow finally does melt, you’ll be happy you have this car waiting in the garage.

You buy a Mustang because you want a performance car. The Mustang GT Premium convertible delivers in the form of a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Those are serious numbers and when you press the gas the Mustang is an absolute show-off.

It’s quick off the line and responsive whether you’re trying to merge into highway traffic or pass by slow-moving vehicles. The 10-speed transmission, however, is lacking. Shifts were hard and poorly timed, making us long for a manual so we could just do the job on our own.

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Although this is technically a four-passenger vehicle, anyone in the back seat isn’t going to want to sit there for long. Legroom is nearly non-existent even if you move the front seats forward. Even kids will find it a snug fit for all but the shortest rides.

Front seats, however, are roomier and more comfortable with heavy bolstering. It’s easy to get a good seating position, but if you are tall, then there’s simply not going to be room for anyone in the rear seats nor is there adequate space for your knees. Be prepared to have your kneecaps brushing the center console and the doors. The Mustang is all about performance, so passenger comfort takes second place, and with this car, that’s okay. This is a muscle car not a luxury sedan.

Handling is what you’d expect from a muscle car with steering that responds to the slightest adjustments. The Mustang stays firmly planted to the road in even the tightest corners taken at speed. This is genuinely a car for people who like to drive. If, however, you want a luxurious, relaxing drive experience, then this is not the car for you.

Where handling falls short is when you find rough pavement. It is jarring to passengers and makes for a rough ride on all but the smoothest roads. Drivers need to pay extra attention as those uneven road surfaces do tend to toss the Mustang around and require your full concentration.

You don’t buy a Mustang to be coddled. You buy a Mustang because you like to drive and enjoy the fun of piloting a muscle car down the road. On that front, the Mustang lives up to expectations and then some. Adding a convertible top makes it that much better, even if you live somewhere where the snow flies.

Looking for a new or used Ford Mustang? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

The 2018 Mustang GT Premium convertible starts at $44,595, but our test car came in a bit higher. The optional 10-speed transmission, performance exhaust, Safe and Smart package, Shaker Pro audio system, and 18-inch polished aluminum wheels brought the final price up to $53,755.

It’s not an inexpensive choice, but it is a fun choice. The Mustang is an iconic car. It’s instantly recognizable, which makes part of the fun the way everyone reacts when they see one. There are other performance cars you can buy and there are other convertibles you can buy. There’s only one Ford Mustang.

It may be cold and snowy now, but having the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible will make the first days of spring all the sweeter.