REVIEW: 2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD – A Rare Crossover Worthy of the “Sport” Name

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With the 2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD, Ford offers up a crossover with the power and handling to back up the “Sport” name.  So many vehicles use the term “Sport” as a trim name that we didn’t even notice the suffix until we drove the vehicle and then said ‘What is this thing?”  Here Ford delivers on the term sport.  The 2.7-liter turbo with 315 hp has so much power it seems like Ford almost went too far.  The handling is so precise, the ride so firm, and the steering so direct, we would say that maybe they did go too far.  The upshot though is a vehicle that offers dramatic acceleration and sharp handling in a segment defined by mushy response across the board.  This vehicle is not what you might think at first glance, and the performance the Edge Sport offers is not without compromise.

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Driven on broken roads around our home base in Massachusetts the Edge Sport is not in its element.  The 20″ rims and 50-series tires combined with Ford’s “sport-tuned suspension” to make the Edge bounce and bang over every pot-hole, or broken patch of pavement.  The steering is so sharp that small movements of the wheel are met with almost darty moves.

However, we took the Edge Sport to New Hampshire where despite no income or sales taxes, all of the roads are superb.  Here the Edge Sport shined.  On mountain roads, the Edge handled like a tall sports sedan.  On sweeping turns with elevation changes, it was a joy to drive.  The small turbocharged engine in the Edge is so torquey and powerful that you can race this big crossover up hills.  We never used all of its potential, but suffice it to say, for on-road use the Edge Sport 2.7 has as much power as you will ever need.  It would be fun to take the Edge Sport and a Porsche Macan on a comparison ride.  Having just listened to Jaguar tell our media group about the upcoming F-Pace crossover, this Edge seems to be exactly what Jaguar was describing.  Except the Edge Sport is here right now and the Jaguar is two or more years away.

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Inside, the Edge Sport features fantastic seats with heat and ventilation trimmed in high-end cloth surrounded by soft leather.  On our trip of four-hour driving stretches, the seats always felt great.  The Edge is roomy too.  It is wider than most of the vehicles in its class.  Rear seats had plenty of leg-room and also had heat.  The cargo area is very large and under the floor is a compact spare and some great pockets to stash all that stuff you know you will need to carry but don’t want rattling around the cargo area every day.  One other place Ford’s Edge Sport really shines is style.  Everyone who saw our new Edge loved the look, and the color fits the vehicle’s personality perfectly.  Despite the penalty exacted by the too-big wheels, they do look great on the Edge.

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The dash was modern and stylish with carbon fiber-look trim.  The infotainment system was typical Ford, which is to say excellent.  The touch-screen worked easily, and the navigation system and its built-in compass were a big help in rural NH.  The Sony premium audio simply rocked.  It worked well with both our i-Tunes Radio via USB and Pandora via Bluetooth, and the clarity and power were outstanding.

The trade-off to the excellent dynamics are fuel economy and ride comfort.  However, in fairness to the Edge, Ford may also have a trim with more relaxed road manners.  At 20 MPG combined, the edge is behind the pack.  The Nissan Murano (with 260 hp V6) we tested last week, for example, has 25% better fuel economy and also felt like it had more than enough power.

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The 2015 Ford Edge Sport is a vehicles that is serious about its name.  If you are interested in driving a crossover with big power and sports-sedan handling the Edge Sport delivers.  Just be sure you’re serious.

2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD

Base Price: $40,095
Price As Tested: $46,180 after Ford Factory AWD Discount


  • Exterior and Interior Style
  • Rorty Engine and Quick-Shifting Transmission
  • Interior Space and Generous Cargo Area


  • Too-Tall Tires and Wheels Make Ride Nervous
  • Too Stiff For Areas With Bad Roads
  • Fuel Economy