REVIEW: 2016 Subaru BRZ Series.HyperBlue – The Non-Miata

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The Subaru BRZ is a lot of fun to drive, even if it might not be the most powerful sports car on the market. The Series.HyperBlue edition will definitely catch some eyes with this bold color and larger wheels.

The six speed manual really takes advantage of the high revving little flat four engine. The car is well-balanced, and handles corners and turns like it’s glued to the road, in part because of its low weight and very low center of gravity.


I feel like the manual transmission is the only way to go; it gives you better control over the four-cylinder engine than the automatic can, even with the paddle shifter.


While you may not be able to burn the tires off this 200 hp BRZ, you’ll have a lot of fun driving it around town without getting a speeding ticket, and best of all it won’t break the budget. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see more horsepower put into this little car, but it is enough do the trick.

The BRZ interior has nice clean lines, easy to read gauges, and easy to use Bluetooth connected car audio system. The 6.2-inch touchscreen multimedia system also made navigating the stereo easy to do.


The front seats are fairly comfortable, I don’t mind a stiffer seat as long as I can get it in the right position. The blue stitching really popped on the black leather seats, with the BRZ logo embroidered into the front seat backs.

The back seats, however, leave something to be desired. It is nice to have the option, as many two-door sports coupes don’t have a rear seat at all, but don’t think you’ll be getting a car seat in there.

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The trunk is a reasonable size for your grocery shopping and other daily needs.

Visibility was good for a small hatchback car, but the rearview camera sure is nice to have.


Many of you probably know the Scion line has been discontinued, losing the sister car, the FRS, to the BRZ. But not to worry, Toyota has added it back to their lineup as the 86. I do prefer the look of the FRS.


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Overall this is a great budget friendly little sports car you’ll have a blast driving. And yes, I know it doesn’t have 707 hp, but most of the time you can’t use that anyway.

2016 Subaru BRZ Series.HyperBlue

Base Price (Premium Trim): $25,395
Price As Tested: $27,690


Razor-sharp handling
Slick coupe styling
Quick-shifting six-speed manual


Sport seats are firm, but not excessively so
Tiny back seat

John Pardoe

John Pardoe