TECH REVIEW: 2016 Subaru BRZ – Clean and Simple

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The Subaru BRZ is a fun and sporty coupe. It comes in only two different trim levels and is focused more on providing a sports car vibe than the latest technology, but you’ll still be plenty connected while you’re behind the wheel.

Our test model was the limited run Series.HyperBlue with all the features of the top Limited trim and a brilliant Hyper Blue paint scheme. It features Subaru’s Starlink system, which includes:

  • 6.2-inch high-resolution LCD touchscreen
  • 8-speaker, 196-watt audio system
  • AM/FM/CD/HD Radio/SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Hands-free phone connectivity
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary jack
  • Two 12 volt outlets
  • One USB port
  • Rear camera

The inclusion of a standard rearview camera is a great asset to the BRZ. You might think it’s not as useful on such a small car, but you’ll be surprised. The BRZ is low and short. Getting out of a parking space with two larger vehicles on either side is a trick. That camera gives lets you see any approaching cars that would otherwise be invisible.

The touchscreen is smaller than what is available in other cars with some boasting giant 10-inch screens these days, but the smaller screen works for the BRZ. This is not a large car. Everything about it is compact.

That means you’re not very far from that touchscreen so it doesn’t need to be huge in order to easily reach it or read the display. A large screen would be out of place.

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The screen itself is responsive, which makes it easy to use. There are buttons along either side of the screen to quickly get you to common functions. There are also volume and tuning knobs. Call it old school, but we like them better than touchsreen buttons. They also let passengers make quick adjustments without pestering the driver.


You won’t get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but you can still stream music from your phone and make voice-activated phone calls. Phone pairing is quick and the voice recognition system worked notably well. Possibly the small interior made for better translation so we didn’t end up calling the wrong people all the time.

The sound quality is good with the 8-speaker sound system easily filling the entire cabin with sound. There’s a fair bit of road and wind noise in the BRZ so you will need to crank that volume at higher speeds.

The infotainment system in the BRZ is all about the basics. It provides exactly what you need without becoming fussy and confusing. This is a car focused on the joy of driving and the simplified infotainment system reflects that idea perfectly.

Looking for a Subaru BRZ? Check out BestRide’s listing search here.