WALKAROUND: 2016 Toyota Prius Two Eco – Hybrid Futurism

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The Toyota Prius has a bold new look for 2016, and there’s a lot to take in when you first see it.

This new Prius has a lot going on visually. The zig-zaggy tail lights are the most obvious eye-grabbers.


They do make an indelible impression, as there are none on other cars quite like them.


The rear quarters have a mix of contours and curves that requires a double-take for your mind to assemble it all.


The front end is distinctive in a different way, as it seems simultaneously pinched and pulled.


The wheels on this $25,760 Prius Two Eco have, according to one commenter, a “flying pizza slice” look. They also have a metal-flower sculpture feel.

As with the rest of the redesigned Prius, the blacked-out portions that extend all the way to the rim are unlike those on just about any other new car or truck.


The interior is an appropriately trendy upgrade from the previous generation. The mix of smooth curves and a sharper-edged center stack is appealing, and like the interior, it takes a beat or two to integrate it.


The doors open wide, and the seats all around are soft and comfortable.


Seat fabric is smooth, as if it were made from the world’s micro-est microfibers. The shiny accents pick up sunlight with a little sparkle.


Dashboard graphics are clear and crisp…


…and the ancillary controls are easily understood. The shifter that you flick will be familiar to Prius owners, and this time around, it places a nice rubberized finish under your fingers.

It’s a good decision to group the shifter with related driving functions in its own distinct pod.


Wild exterior styling aside, it seemed appropriate that this Prius Two Eco was delivered tuned in to the Bay Area‘s premier middle-of-the-road, at-work station, as the first spins around the block revealed a reassuring mildness that’s baked into the way the Prius drives.


The engine is an Atkinson-cycle 1.8-liter four-cylinder, and the total hybrid output is 121 horsepower.

Prius buyers are probably more interested in mileage ratings, and the Prius Two Eco’s 56 mpg EPA combined knocks it out of the park.


Cargo room is a usual Prius advantage, with 27.4 cubic feet at your disposal. That’s more than 10 cubic feet larger than a typical mid-sized sedan’s.

We look forward to racking up some miles on this Prius Two Eco, as we join the swarm of Priuses on the Bay Area‘s roads.

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