2019 Chevrolet Silverado Revealed at 100 Years of Chevy Trucks Event

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Trucks are big everywhere, but they’re especially big in Texas. It makes sense, then, that Chevrolet chose Texas for its 100 Years of Chevy Trucks celebration. Held at Texas Motor Speedway, the event concluded with the arrival of the next-generation 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

On-hand were some of Chevy’s most passionate owners who arrived in their own assorted Chevy trucks. After a day spent exploring the Silverado’s capabilities and riding along in hot laps in Camaros, owners arranged their assorted trucks in the center of the track to make a giant 100 when viewed from the sky.

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It seemed like an odd choice since attendees were all gathered on grandstands off to the side and couldn’t really see the 100, but then they brought in the next-generation Silverado and it all made sense. The new Silverado arrived from the sky.

A helicopter emblazoned with the Chevy bowtie carried the new Silverado through the air and dropped it oh-so-gently onto the ground. From above, suddenly that 100 was clearly visible.

This was the first time the Silverado was shown to anyone outside Chevy and the fans predictably went nuts. Alan Batey, North American President, and Global Head of Chevrolet, was on-hand to make remarks. He waxed poetic about their new truck while fans hooted and whistled. One particularly ardent fan hollered, “And I want it!” from the stands to which Batey responded, “And I’ll take your order, too!”

Batey didn’t reveal any numbers or key details – that will all come at the Silverado’s official reveal at the Detroit Auto Show next month – but he did talk about development and Chevy’s goals during the design process. It was a collaborative effort that involved not only Chevy engineers and designers, but customers.

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They used feedback from thousands of Chevy truck customers who shared what they wanted to see in the new Silverado. The truck was also subjected to the most aggressive testing in the Silverado’s history.

There is a stronger steel alloy for the bed floor to make it lighter and it will have more models, engine and transmission combinations, and features. Chevrolet says buyers will have the choices they need to create their ideal truck.

The Silverado on display was the LT Trailboss, which has the off-road equipment found in the Z71 package with a 2-inch suspension lift right from the factory. Unfortunately, a view from the stage was all they provided before the truck drove out of sight.

Even with that brief view, there’s plenty to see. One striking change is wheel arches that are now rounded and could allow for larger tires. In the rear there are dual exhausts and in-bumper steps that are much larger than in the previous generation and the Chevrolet name is now stamped into the back of the tailgate.

Expect full detail on the next generation Chevrolet Silverado at its full reveal in Detroit next month.