2022 Kia EV6: An All-New Electric Crossover Aiming to Spark a New Era of EVs

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Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia

There’s a new Kia on the horizon, and the automaker is making sure that potential buyers know that it’s going to be a big deal. The 2022 Kia EV6 arrives as the brand’s first dedicated battery-electric vehicle, and it’s a vehicle that Kia believes will be a transformative moment in the brand’s history.

What is the Kia EV6?

The EV6 is an electric vehicle with a stylish, athletic, and low-slung appearance inspired by futuristic design. It is built from the ground-up on Kia’s revolutionary electric platform boasting innovative technologies, the spaciousness of a 5-passenger crossover, and up to 300 miles of targeted range on a single charge.

Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia


All models of the car feature the instantaneous response that’s only available with an electric motor. Select trims capable of delivering 320 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque will be able to take consumers from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds. The EV6 offers a responsive and impressive ride that comes with standard rear-wheel drive and a 5-link rear suspension. AWD models offer even more power thanks to a dual-motor setup that also provides better traction in any weather condition.

Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia

EV Living

Kia’s EV6 has a state-of-the-art battery system that provides ultra-fast recharge times which will allow you to get back on the road in no time at all. According to Kia, some of the features that come with this remarkable new battery technology are:

  • World’s first patented multi-charging system supporting 400v and 800v DC charging, which works on DC chargers with speeds ranging from 50kW to 350kW
  • 800v DC fast charging from a 350-kW charger allows:
    • Nearly 70 miles added in less than 5 minutes
    • Up to 210-miles (10-to-80 percent) added in under 18 minutes
  • 11kW on-board charger (OBC) for Level 2 recharging from 10-to-100 percent in 7 hours, 10 minutes (240v AC, at 40-amps) for the larger 77.4 kWh battery versions

Available Vehicle to Load ports also allow the EV6 to function as a portable power generator that charges and powers electric devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, home appliances, electric bikes, and camping equipment.

Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia

Technology and Interior

An impressive 24-inch curved screen fills the entire dash and forms an easy-to-view infotainment system with a blue light filter to help reduce eye strain and driver fatigue. Safety features include an available augmented head-up display that shares key information like navigation, route guidance, speed limit. Owners can even use their Apple Watch to connect to their Kia EV6 and remotely control charging, open or close charge ports, see energy usage and charging status, and receive notifications.

The EV6 takes advantage of giga steel that enables the vehicle to have thinner seats allowing for more knee room for rear passengers while also maintaining all-around comfort. Kia also takes advantage of EV design elements that enable their upcoming crossover to compete with mid-size SUVs in terms of interior space. The upcoming Kia EV also uses over 100 recycled PET bottles for interior parts, 100% LED lighting, and vegan leather in an effort to create an environmentally friendly vehicle inside and out.

Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia


Kia is placing a priority on the safety of consumers who purchase their vehicles. As such, the EV6 provides a comprehensive list of advanced driver assistance systems that will help drivers and passengers stay safe on the road. Features like Highway Driving Assist II, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, and Blind-Spot Avoidance Assist come standard on the upcoming EV.

Kia EV6/Image Credit: Kia

Price and Cost of Ownership

As of this writing, Kia has not yet released any official details when it comes to the pricing of the EV6 and its various trims. It is important to keep in mind though, that there will be federal and state tax incentives available when buying an EV. Owners of the Kia EV6 will also save on fuel and maintenance over time when compared to a conventional gasoline vehicle.

Kia is preparing to embark on a journey unlike any it has ever embarked on before. The all-new Kia EV6 will be the automaker’s first dedicated electric vehicle and a lot will hinge on its reception. The EV6 is the first in a line of electric vehicles Kia intends to launch in the U.S. in the coming years. Shipping of Kia’s new EV is anticipated to start in January of 2022.

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