Chicago Auto Show 2015: 2015 Ram Laramie Limited

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What Is It?

It’s the top-end Ram pickup trim, with all the chrome you could possibly stand. It’s the pickup equivalent of a 1973 Imperial, the most heavily equipped pickup truck in Ram’s entire lineup. Want to tow a trailer, plow snow or fit a ladder rack? You probably want another truck. This is for somebody who does a job that involves legal briefs, not lalley columns.

Why Should You Care?


It’s Ram’s most impressive foray into luxury pickup land, facing off against trucks like the King Ranch line from Ford, and the High Country from Chevrolet. It’s loaded with full leather trim inside, 150 board feet of chrome trim outside, snazzy chrome buckles on the door pockets, the whole nine yards.

The trim is available on both the 1500 and the more heavy duty trucks, with only a wheel change to differentiate the bigger rigs. All the wheels are 20-inch diameter, but the 1500 gets a forged alloy wheel, while the bigger trucks get polished aluminum.


Anybody — like us — who is still calling these trucks “Dodge” won’t be able to excuse themselves any longer when they see the massive chrome RAM in ALL CAPS across the tailgate.

When Does It Go On Sale?


Second quarter of 2015 for the 1500s. The Heavy Duty trucks won’t arrive until later as 2016 models.
No official pricing just yet, but given the Silverado High Country comes in at more than $52,000, figure it’s in that ballpark.

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