NEWS: Ford GT Gets More Than 7,000 Applications

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It’s been only six days since Ford began accepting applications for its new GT sports car, and demand is already through the roof.

The GT is Ford’s new halo car. Applications began being accepted on April 13th…


…and by the 19th, Ford Performance tweeted that 7,000 applications had been received. Note that only 250 GTs will be produced, and Ford is holding firm to that number.


This is the Ford GT’s third generation, and it looks better than ever.

The all-new Ford GT (blue) along with the 1966 Ford GT40 (red) and the second-generation Ford GT Number One (white).

By now, you probably know about this new GT, with its mid-mounted, 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine and automated-manual, seven-speed transmission. It has a speed-activated rear wing and air brake, along with two variable ride height settings. In short, the GT promises an appropriately rarefied driving experience.

And by now, you may have toddled over to the GT’s configurator, where you can assemble your own favorite color and trim combinations.

Today, our latest favorite combos are Triple Yellow with Competition Orange stripes and silver-finished, one-piece 20-inch wheels.


Our runner-up is a GT in Liquid Blue, with stripes in Frozen White and carbon-fiber 20-inch wheels with a matte finish.


In terms of interiors, we’re going with the red-tinged “Launch Control” theme. But that might change when we re-configure.


The configurator is deceptively easy in letting you access the Ford GT dream, as this will not be an easy car to buy. First, you’ll need to have an address in one of the following countries:


Then, you’ll need to fill out the application. The evaluation for this promises to be quite arbitrary, as Ford aims to put GTs in the hands of exactly the buyers it sees fit to own one – the ones who are “best suited to enjoy the GT.”


Ah, well. Such is life when the sweetest fruits can also be the rarest.

But if you think you have a chance at the GT, then by all means – start jumping through Ford’s hoops. You have until mid-May to get your ducks in a row.

And maybe consider our third favorite color, Liquid Red. Not sure about the stripe and wheels on that one yet: we’ll have to check back in a few days and see if we’ve made up our minds.


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