GENEVA 2015: Volkswagen’s Elegant Sport Coupe Concept GTE

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Volkswagen’s debut of its sexy Sport Coupe Concept GTE was a welcome addition to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Partly because it’s just so good-looking, and partly because of its glimpses into the evolution of VW’s design and technology. Let’s take a look.

So what is the VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE? First off, it is not a coupe. It has four doors and a large rear hatchback opening. The fast angle on that rear glass invokes the coupe designation, but this GTE has more than two doors. By the way, “GTE” designates it as a plug-in hybrid.


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From the looks of it, we’re going to be seeing a lot of more these upturned hockey sticks – VW says they’re “like the winglets of a modern jet airplane” – in future VW designs. Integrating the winglets is another common theme, as these flow directly into the grille.


Winglets go back here too. These float within their fields.


Inside, the GTE combines those winglets with integration to great effect.


A cocoon-like effect is the result of long horizontal lines feeding into the doors.


Neat that this door-handle design lets you grab a winglet.


The Sport Coupe Concept GTE is all about screens. There’s one with a 3D effect for the instruments…


…along with the traditional center stack, here sporting a 10.1-inch display. Again, well-integrated.


Passengers in back face two large displays, which are controlled by an upward-facing center control screen.


That center screen is a fun idea, but anyone with a dog knows that screen would have dog-nail scratches on it in no time.


Nice shaping on the door panels. It’s a bold choice to put the wood under the armrest, rather than featuring it above as per usual. Cool speaker grilles too.


More winglets here, with another interpretation of the lower panel’s speaker-grille pattern.


Sttrictly for two back there, and those two would appear to be well-served by these sporty-looking thrones.


This concept bodes well for VW’s design future. We’ll likely be seeing a lot more of those winglets, and the nice thing about that in the Sport Coupe Concept GTE is that they’re not just stuck-on – they define the car’s edges, inside and out. It’ll be fun to see how VW applies them next.

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