Plasti Dip your wheels

VIDEO: Revive Your Old Rims With Easy-to-Apply Plasti Dip

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Plasti Dip your wheels

In part one of our three-part series on refurbishing your wheels, we look at the simplest way to bring your tired rims back to life.  Plasti Dip is a spray-on rubber coating similar to paint that many enthusiasts use to spruce up aging cars.  It works particularly well on rims.  Watch how simple it is to use.

Plasti Dip is available in a variety of ways, but a simple spray-can works best for this type of application.  Watch the video to learn a great trick for preventing overspray onto your wheels.  Plasti Dip is a softer coating, so this is a product that may work better for your summer rims, as opposed to say, winter rims or off-road wheels.  Enthusiasts we follow on forums say that the product will look good for a couple of years.  If you are starting with an older vehicle, this is a cost effective way to add some life to your ride.  You can always have the Pasti Dip and the original coating removed by a shop later if you choose to add a more durable finish, such as powder coating.

As the video illustrates, a two-layer coating provides a great matte black look to the rims.  A can of Plasti Dip is under $20, and there is no special preparation required other than to start with rims that are completely clean and free of any wax.  If you have stone chips or small dings, consider using a clear coat touch-up to bring the surface up to match the rest of the rim.  We have used clear fingernail polish with success as well.  That trick came to us from two body-shops.

In part two of our series, we will look at transfer printing that can add some outrageous looks to your rims.