The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For the Car Lover In Your Life

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Looking for a gift for your special someone? If they have grease under their fingernails, here are some Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

Valentine’s Day is one of those tweener types of holidays. Sure, it has its traditions we all know and love, but the gifting part can get a bit sticky. If you are not sure where to turn and your heart belongs to a car nut, automakers may have just the right gift for you. There has never been a shortage of car-related gift ideas. Most of them horrible. The problem is, folks who are not car nuts don’t realize that we car nuts are very particular in our tastes and brand loyalties. Not only is the car fan in your life going to fake their enthusiasm for your misguided gift attempt, but you yourself are also going to have to look at that gear shift toilet flush handle until the house burns down or you move.

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Automakers know there is a dearth of high-quality gifts for car nuts out there. They also have a cadre of marketing types just itching for a special project. Over the past few years, automakers that we know and love have come up with some products, mainly clothing and accessories, that we find pretty desirable. These are no substitutes for a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, frilly stuff and all that jazz. These are supplemental gifts to the traditional.

Land Rover Line

Land Rover is an aspirational brand. BestRide has a close associate we know and love that dreams of being the high desert in a Discovery every day on his walk to work in downtown Boston. There are millions of Land Rover fans just like him. It does not matter if fans of this particular brand presently own a Land Rover. The brand has captured their heart and they will love a Land Rover Collection shirt, pencil case, phone protector, or travel case.

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The Mazda Line

Mazda is the brand that the vehicle testers default to when someone in the friends and family circle says the words ” I need fun and affordable…” Mazda has gone upscale lately. Many of Mazda’s vehicles are, in fact, not just fun and affordable, but Mazdas are also fast and premium. Mazda is in a transition you see. The company turned 100 years old this week and Mazda is serious about breaking into the premium segment. Maybe you are about to get very serious in your relationship. We don’t need the details. Just know that like its cars,  Mazda’s brand of products mirrors its image. Sleek, premium, and good looking. These are clothes you will want to see your special someone wearing.

Subaru – Share the Love!

Subaru’s entire brand was built around the Love marketing campaign. No automotive brand has ever reached out to more and more people and more types of people with a message of love than Subaru. The award-winning Love campaign is credited with Making Subaru a mainstream brand.

Subaru’s love also extends to pets in a way that no other brand has ever tapped into.

Subaru’s line of products includes clothing for men and women, but also kids, dogs, and cats.

The big day is February 14th. Don’t miss out on the chance to get the car nut you’re fond of something that they will love and adore.

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