Keep car clean in drought

VIDEO: Water Is Scarce – Here’s How to Clean Your Car Without It

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Keep car clean in drought

Even in places where water is relatively plentiful, local water restrictions have made washing your car with a hose something akin to smoking in the lavatory of an aircraft.  Here is the simple formula for keeping a car spotless when water isn’t an option.

Rain makes cars dirty.  More specifically, driving over roads that have been rained on.  The dissolved dirt dries on your car and builds up over time.  The more times you cycle your car through this rainy day and then dry day driving the dirtier the car gets.  When it stops raining keeping a car clean isn’t that hard.  There is one catch.  You need to get your car clean first, and that usually means a car wash.  So bite the bullet and get it done, and get it waxed or do it yourself too.

Once you get the car clean, keeping it that way is easy.  You need four things; a California Car Duster, a good supply of microfiber or cotton cloths, a spray bottle of detailer, and a spray bottle of waterless car wash like Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine.  Here is the strategy in a nutshell.  When the car gets dusty go over it with the car duster according to the directions.  Do that wrong and you will smudge the car up with wax.  We will explain.  Then, when the car has a little bit of surface dirt, use the detailer.  If the car has more dirt than that can handle go for the Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine.

The California Car Duster is like magic, but the directions are key.  They tell you to take it out of the package and then lay it on some newspaper for a couple days.  Skip that and the wax in the duster will get all over your car.  The cool thing about the California duster is that the more it breaks in, the better it seems to work.  The dusters have a lifespan, and eventually you need a new one, but they are not that pricey.

Detailer is great, but it works best when the car is close to clean. It’s a good solution for wiping off heavier spots like bird droppings or tree sap that hasn’t been left on the car for days.

Give the Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine for the heavier cleanups.  We’ve used it on multiple vehicles and had nothing but good luck.

A few tips for getting the most out of it: First, spray and wipe the dirtier parts using paper towels and throw them away after they start to get dirty.  Then go over the whole car using microfiber cloths.  This will make sense once you give it a try.  Then give it a final polish and the car will be spotless.  Our favorite part of the Prolong wash is that it leaves the car smelling great.

These products are not new, and we’ve been using them for many New England summers now.  The key to success is to start with a clean, waxed car and then maintain that clean.  Keep after it and you can go many weeks without a wash.